96000 lamps

96000 lamps

i was thinking of going mysore again for attending this year’s dussera festival but its my bad luck that I’ve got my German paper on 15th (that is tomorrow) so i couldn’t go.
may be i’ll try again next year.

this one is an old pic when i visited that palace last year (the date on the pic is 30th dec 2012).

actually i think i got lucky with this shot.
no pre-planning, no extra manipulation, no post-processing nothing !
some other guy was taking picture using his ipad, i saw it and in that instant i got this idea that i can take a picture of someone taking picture and BANG, i did it.
just one single shot and i was more than satisfied with the result.
the only next thing i remember was i had goosebumps all over my arms.
that feeling of satisfaction was awesome.

wish you all a happy dasara, durga puja , ayudha pooja, viyaya dashmi etc !

we Indians have to celebrate so many festivals, lol.
even the same festival is celebrated differently in different part of country and they all have unique names, but i guess in the end the only aim is to spend some happy time together, celebrate and have fun with family, friends and other relatives.

enjoy your vacations (those who can).

PS: this shot was impossible without you Anirudh aka Anna, i am so lucky to have you buddy.

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