Its time for another post. After a very long gap ! 

The word mogwai is the transliteration of the Cantonese word 魔怪 (Jyutping: mo1 gwaai3; Standard Chinese: 魔鬼; pinyin: móguǐ) meaning “monster”, “evil spirit”, “devil” or “demon”.

I guess that’s what we all are.
I don’t know about others but I’m sure I belong to that category, and soon I’m gonna make it to the top pretty quickly, Ah ! I’ve become so good at this.

Yayyie !

“Ghosts in the photograph
never lie’d to me”

Monster ! Evil ! Demon ! Freak ! that good whole spectrum of weird creatures. Either they are heartless or stony-hearted. And all they do is hurt others, play with others feelings like it means nothing, tell lie, cheat, fill their lives with misery and sorrow and so much of negativity and make them regret about their decisions.

And once they start they don’t stop, they keep doing that again and again.

and guess what ?
again !

“I’d be all of that
I’d be all of that”

But that’s not always true. Sometimes it just happens and even if they don’t want to do it they end up doing it anyway.
For them its all for fun ! They just love hurting others.

And after all not all demons are bad, some are worst ! Oh yeah !

Some of them are impersonators, they hide their true face from the world, from the people they’ve known and specially from the new people they meet. They tell all fake stories about their old lives, and live a phony life pretending to be someone else, something else, pretending to be a normal human.

And no matter in which friend circle they get in to, it doesn’t change anything. Some things never change. And specially a bad human nature, NEVER !

They keep doing what they are good at, hurting people. And that’s what they have running in their blood, in every single cell of their body. Nothing but hate and anger. All they think about is, who’s gonna be their next target !

“Try to be bad.
Try to be bad.”

And since they are so good at cheating, they usually end up hurting their friends, buddies, partners. They are an easy target, very easy ! They fall in their traps without any troubles, they are normal human beings, they are innocent, they are dumb. They believe in all their lies, they trust and they think that they are in the safe hands.

But they are not!

“What would you do
If you saw spaceships
Over Glasgow?
Would you fear them?

And by the time they realize that they’ve been tricked, its too late. They have already ended up in their trap, they cant do anything to go out of it, its a crazy infinite loop, and all they do is keep asking the same questions .
Why them ! Why me ? Why ?

“A false memory
would be everything.
A denial my eliminent.”

And then one day they change. For their own good. Something.

I guess that’s what we all are,
and we keep getting better at it !

“Every aircraft
Every camera
Is a wish that
Wasn’t granted”

This post is not all about monsters or me !

Like all my other previous posts this one also connects to a band and a song and this time its Mogwai and the song for today is Take Me Somewhere Nice. Just 3 months back I attended the live concert of the band and that was truly an amazing experience.

A good friend of mine introduced me to this song around 4 years back and it was an instant addiction, i still remember the way the song pulled me towards it, there’s something truly magical about it or i can say magnetic. Its interesting how they put small few word lyrics in a chill instrumental, which makes it pleasing and haunting at the same time. Their lyrics have such deep meaning in them, I’m still not able to understand most of it though. Mogwai is pure beauty put in to sound. Its soothing, calm, mellow and memoryful.

I’ve been playing this song for some time now. Its not just a song, its a story, an experience, its the truth about all the lies. There’s so much meaning in that one song. Its all nothing. Its so deep, you feel like flying. And its gonna take you to whole new level if you put it in repeat.

At first I thought I’d go with Coldplay or Imagine Dragons or Kodaline or Passenger or may be Raghu Dixit but i got stuck in this, and its been playing on my laptop in repeat since then, same old track all over again.

“What was that for ?
What was that for ?”

I remember from the last time (only this time its worse, so much worse, like extreme worse, like how can i do something like that worse and i’m so gonna hate myself forever for doing this worse). Mogwai, Radiohead and Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind were my buddies. And from what i can feel now, its time to meet them again and say hello.

Long-lost buddies here i come.

Song Lyrics:

Ghosts in the photograph
never lie’d to me.

I’d be all of that
I’d be all of that.

A false memory
would be everything.
A denial my eliminent.

What was that for?
What was that for?

What would you do
if you saw spaceships
over Glasgow?
Would you fear them?

Every aircraft,
every camera,
is a wish that
wasn’t granted.

What was that for?
What was that for?

Try to be bad.
Try to be bad.

I can see, now we’re entering inside a long dark tunnel with no visible light coming from the other side. As we have already taken the first step, even after knowing its a one way path, and there is no hope of going anywhere else but to the never ending road towards the infinity of darkness and finally someday we will disappear and simply vaporize in to thin air and happily accept the fact that we’ve become a part of nothingness.

I guess this is the end now, the end of something beautiful.
I’d say, the end of one of the few most beautiful things ever in 24 years of my life, and yes its not a thing.
Its a feeling. And it has to go now. And I am sure it will, coz like so many other feelings that has come and gone, even this will go away sooner or later.
Toady, right now, at this moment. Its there. All of it, i can feel it.
But soon It’ll start leaving.
Part by part, day by day, bit by bit and soon it’ll be gone.
A lot like a puzzle being unsolved in mid way and played in reverse. And exactly one year from now the puzzle will be completely undone. With no more imperfect pieces to search for.
And then, I won’t be feeling it anymore. For sure.
That’s A promise to myself in the future.
I won’t.

And all that’s gonna be left after this will be thousands of photographs, hundreds of stories, many of the little souvenirs,  material possessions and countless beautiful memories that soon will be old, faded but not forgotten.

A message to the self.
I’m sorry for ruining everything, I know I should be !
I brought this on myslef, and I fucked up pretty bad.
But there wont be any more. For sure.
Again that’s a promise !

I know I’ve become so good at it.

What was that for ?
What was that for ?
Try to be bad.
Try to be bad.

13th – Feb – 2016 – 11:59 PM

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