mr. c

mr. c

Mr. C you will be missed forever. you stunning white feathery under water flying machine, i don’t know if you know this but you had wings of an angel. i wish you were still here with me today, love you … Continue reading





each one of us, almost all of us who are using this powerful tool right now so called ‘internet’ have spend most of our childhood times in our kindergarten and elementary school learning how to learn to read and to write, to draw and to paint, to sing and to dance, to find new friends new adventures and so many other new things haaah !

those who made their mindset that they are gonna continue further whatever they loved doing, those lucky ones are in some way or other artists now.
but most of us got trapped in to the other loop.
umm forget it.

i haven’t touched paint brush since last 12 years but few days back i thought of doing something interesting and this is what i made and i think its not that bad actually !
i like it.

just six colors, four hours, two paint brushes, and my headphones on with one song in repeat mode.
and yeah !
a very special thanks to my three other roomies (Avirup, Bhautik and Kushang) for not disturbing me.
(lol all three of them were sleeping when i made this)

i got idea for painting this when i saw one of the silhouette painting hanging behind the stage which was used as a backdrop during one of the performance of an awesome artist ‘Michel David Rosenberg’ who is better known by his stage name as ‘Passenger’ and that was a part of his official video ‘Let Her Go’ and yep that is the song i was listening all day.

‘Cause you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home

And you let her go.

this song is so beautiful.

PS: no matter which part of the planet you belong or how you landed here, if you are in this place and reading this then its a request please go on and try this at least for once, and it would be much better to check one of his performance at a music festival
just search for ‘Passenger live at Pinkpop 2013 – FULL SHOW’ in youtube then sit back and enjoy.

PPS: these two pics are tken differently with different concepts, first one is taken normally and second one is taken with a light source behind the sheet, so you can say it is a silhouette painting with actual silhouette effect.
he he he, i’m a little weird.

i know its late, but anyways happy sunday.



I bloom in unclean and muddy pond but still i am a symbol of beauty, prosperity, fertility, spiritualism, eternity, love, passion and all other qualities of the heart. I am the flower of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion and a … Continue reading