“techfests are …

“techfests are inventions by b.tech people to make m.tech people feel like crap” lol.
when i was in my b.tech i always loved attending techfests i was so crazy about them it was like an addiction to me, but now i hate them the most,
they are fucking boring.

— thirteeenmac zerozerotwoone

its not a tap or a switch

one of the necessary condition for shutting up something is that it should follow the category of either a tap, a switch or something related.
lol, what i mean to say is you can’t just shut fucking up, so using ‘shut the fuck up’ while talking is completely conjectural in the real world.
-thirteenmac zerozerotwoone.
(some crazy guy)

first b’day celebration

first b’day celebration

first b’day celebration at vit hostel, yesterday it was birthday of one of my roommate’s (dada’s) school friend sanket, who is currently staying just next to our room. without any special planning we celebrated his birthday and it went pretty … Continue reading