????????Hello everyone,
I’m Naveen Chandrakar, founder and owner of THELIGHTMACHINES.COM.

I’m 21 years old from Bhilai Chhattisgarh, India currently staying in VIT mens hostel Vellore. I enjoy photography, video making, music, computers & technology, and making electronics projects as much as I can. I am always looking for a good adventure whether it be doing new photography projects in my home studio or going out to a photowalk with buddies, or just an exciting or unusual experience with an uncertain outcome. I believe that the very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

By trade, I’m a lightpainter / wedding and event photographer / beta tester at a software firm / web developer / geek.

I have completed my graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BIT Durg and currently i’m pursuing my masters in Control and Automation form VIT Vellore, and so far I’ve been doing good with everything.

My life is Awesome and so is yours,
Stay tuned as my adventure continues and get in touch using any of the methods below if you have any questions, or even if you just want to discuss about any photography or other related stuffs.


A few other blogs where I ocasionally contribute:
1. commonindianbirds.wordpress.com
2. quotesaboutphotography.wordpress.com

Skype: neo.nautilus
Twitter: @thelightmachinz
Email: mailtothelightmachines@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thelightmachines
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/naveenchandrakar 
500px     : 500px.com/thelightmachines
Pinterest: in.pinterest.com/thelightmachinz
Instagram1: instagram.com/thelightmachinz
Instagram2: instagram.com/quotesaboutphotography
Youtube (old 1): youtube.com/user/navhari2209
Youtube (old 2): youtube.com/user/superindiancitizen
Youtube (new): youtube.com/channel/UCVpvzsipPdtVBrNdPamL0YQ
Flickr (old) : flickr.com/photos/neo_nautilus
Flickr (new): flickr.com/photos/thelightmachines
Website  : thelightmachines.com (the website is currenlty under construction)
Web Blog: thelightmachines.wordpress.com
Tumblr  : thelightmachinz.tumblr.com
Bloglovin :  bloglovin.com/thelightmachinz

There might be chances that there won’t be any content on the landing page (if you follow the links above), I’ll try to start uploading contents soon.

Come back again and I hope you’ll find something interesting next time.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Naveen, many thanks for following my blog. I also am a qualified electronics engineer but that was around 40 years ago in the days of the first transistors and integrated circuits. Enjoy life and your photography.

    • Thank you for your kind words sir, it’s great that i found you.

      i have just graduated in electrical & electronics and now thinking of doing masters in the same,
      looking forward to learn more and more from you.

  2. Oh dear you are from Bhilai
    yes near Amarkantak and Raipur
    My bhabhi belongs to Dhamtari

    Nice meeting you dear

    I am from Munbai

  3. Hi Naveen,
    Thanks for the follow. Enjoy your photography – I’ve at the other end of the career spectrum compared to you and have the luxury to indulge in whatever takes my fancy – like photography

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