गुड़हल – rose mallow

 गुड़हल - rose mallow

this one is for my granny ‘Late Gajra Bai Chandrakar’ its been an year since she passed away and though she is not here with us but she will always with me in my heart.

and this pic defines her in so many ways, she was simple but tough and best in everything she did. even her first name ‘Gajra’ गजरा translates as garland in english.

if there is internet in heaven and if you are reading this then this one is for you.
‘i love you dadi, you were and you are the best granny in the world. thankyou for your guidance, for sharing your life experiences and making us the way we are.
your two grandsons will love you and miss you forever’

PS: the flower-
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Hibiscus or गुड़हल in Hindi) commonly known as Rose Mallow, Chinese hibiscus, China rose or shoe flower, is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to East Asia.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis was named by Carolus Linnaeus.
The Latin term rosa-sinensis literally means “rose of China”, though it is not closely related to the true roses. It is often known among the Chinese as zhū jǐn, which literally means “vermilion hibiscus”. It also has many other names in Chinese: fú sāng, fó sāng, chì jǐn , sāng jǐn and so on.

It also has prominent presence in the various parts of the Indian subcontinent. It has several names in different languages: जास्वंद in Marathi, Bengali: জবা (Jaba), Tamil: செம்பருத்தி (sembaruthi), Hindi: गुड़हल, गुड़हर, अड़हुल, जपा, जवा कुसुम, Malayalam: ചെമ്പരത്തി (cemparatti), Mondaro in Oriya, Wada Mal in Sinhala, Mamdaram in Telugu: మందారం, Kembang Sepatu in Indonesia and Gumamela in Filipino.

info: wiki

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