yayy my first assessment tests are over and today i went for a one man photowalk,
i got some pretty decent pics from the shoot but since i am complete dumbo when it comes to editing/manipulating images in photoshop so i gave it to dada (my awesome roomie) to do a little bit of tweakig and guess what !
this is the way he returned them to me.
ha ha ha,
this guy knows so many cool things in photoshop i have to learn from him.

and yeah we have finally ordered the great ‘nifty-fifty’ aka nikon 50mm 1.8 from flipkart yesterday and it will be delivered to us in a day or two.

for those who don’t know what is 50mm 1.8 it is the ultimate beauty, its prime, its sharp, its fast, its all open (super wide aperture), its 50 mm, its cheapo and also one of the most widely used lens after the shitty stock 18-55 kit lens.

i hope we will be having a gooooood shooting time after getting that neo piece of glass,
new pics coming soon.

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