strangers passing by…

strangers passing by...

‘This world is getting colder, Strangers passing by.’

a new song from one of your favourite artist gets released and the moment you listen to it for the first time you get a feeling that this is the best song of the band you have ever heard, you instantly put that song in repeat mode in each one of your playlists (laptop/smartphone/ipod/music player) and every other device you have which converts these millions of zeros and ones in to vibrations for your ears to sense, your heart to feel, your brain to understand and to decipher the true meaning behind the random words interlaced by the artist.

though that musicocrazy state of yours never remains the same because its in human nature to get attracted toward new stuffs first but later as the time passes we get bored of them, even if you used to like them during the starting days but later you feel it differently and your crush for that song fades away, because now you don’t find anything different in it.

and after a few months your quest for a new song again starts, a new song by another new artist to reach to your best of the best or in other words as your temporary favourite.

PS: the new song i am talking about is ‘Bonfire Heart’, by James Blunt from the upcoming album Moon Landing.

and this is what James Blunt said about the song,

“The song is about love, life, fear and hope… and more than anything, you… and me…”

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