first b’day celebration

first b'day celebration

first b’day celebration at vit hostel,

yesterday it was birthday of one of my roommate’s (dada’s) school friend sanket, who is currently staying just next to our room.
without any special planning we celebrated his birthday and it went pretty good,
with banana cake (the cake component was missing though), swiss army knife, and leftover candles from a recent candle march, and with a few other guys from next room.

and yeah, this is the first pic of me with my other roommates.

in the front row the guy in olive green shirt is the b’day boy sanket,
in the right wearing brown shirt, its avirup (dada) my first roomie,
on the back row from left the first guy is manoj (my new buddy),
on his right with blue shirt and black specs the one with spiky hair its bhautik (my other roommate),
and next to him on red shirt its kushang (my third roomie),

and in the first row the one on the left with green shirt, black specs, that beardy guy is me naveen (thelightmachines) freshly renamed as ‘thirteenmac zerozerotwoone’.

PS: the pic is from dada’s cam, he’s got a nikon dslr.

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