i have always loved fountain pens !
yeah i know they are a little bit old school but still they are the best.

i remember when i was a kid, my dad always used to scold me that ‘u should write in ink, that will help in improving your cursive writing.’

lol, ive been writing in ink (fountain pens) since last 16-17 years but my handwriting is still bad, same as it was back then and even during my high school teacher’s remarks like ‘improve your handwriting’, ‘poor handwriting, improve it’ etc were common to me.

i don’t know what other things do i have to try for improving my handwriting or if there is any scope of improvement or not,

but still writing with a fountain pen always feels something special to me and its awesome.

2 thoughts on “foun·tain·pen

  1. Hi I agree, it always feels special when you write with a fountain pen, my dad used to always use a beautiful turquoise ink, and I can’t find anywhere that sells it. I ordered some traditional stationery from and that has helped me to make that extra effort with my hand writing and I love sending out personal notes and letters.

    • hey zoe,
      i have used only the commonly available colors (blue, black, red and green) but now after reading your reply i think now its time for me to try some more colors,
      i’ve also googled for turquoise ink, and that color for a fountain pen ink is truly classy.

      its really great that you still send hand written letters and notes to your dear ones,
      happy writing.

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