vit chapter begins

vit chapter begins

yeah !
thelightmachines is now at VIT,
as i have taken admission for my MTech in control and automation, so for the next two years i’ll be staying here at vit only and during my non-class hours i’ll be available at my room, vit men’s hostel F-block room number 228 in a 4 bedded room with three other nice guys (dada, bhautik and kushang)

actually i am a little late in updating this, as my session started on 10th july 2013 (even i was here in vellore since 5th of july), one of the main reason for this delay is the series of incidents that happened to me on the first day i reached vellore.

yep, my first day at this new place was not at all good, or it can also be titled in bold as worst day of the year till now.

the day when i was coming from bhilai (my home) to vellore for completing admission procedures in the college & hostel, just one station before my scheduled destination (katpadi junction) some fucking guy cut the locked safety chain of my luggage and stole my suitcase containing all my clothes,
so on the first day when i was reaching here i had noting (except my original documents which i had kept in a separate shoulder bad), i lost all my belongings which i was carrying to join the hostel, which includes around 7-8 jeans, 6 trousers and about 10-10 tees and formal shirts and many other stuffs.
and even if this was not enough on the same evening, while running in a hurry to get some things done, i fell down on the road which injured both of my knees pretty badly.

at the end of the day i was all broken and very much disappointed because of the things that had happened, but during that night only, i met an awesome guy (manoj) and since then he is in the top of my very few new friends i have made here at vit, that smart little guy was truly my savior that day.

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