usually i don’t prefer editing my photographs, but considering the price of an actual tilt-shift lens and also the point that i still don’t have a dslr yet, so faking the ‘fake miniature effect’ using an editing software was the only available option.

fake miniature images like these are created by taking any image which is focused throughout the focal range, and then by selectively blurring some parts/regions of the image in photoshop or any other editing program.

but the true beauty of this unique type of photography can only be appreciated if they are taken by using a real tilt-shift lens by using its TILT function.

as far as i know some/most of the people call this as the “tilt-shift effect” (even i used to call it the same earlier), but now as i know the reality so i have specifically written that these type of selectively focused/blurred images are accomplished by using the TILT function of a tilt-shift lens, in which a part of the subject is selectively focused (achieved by tilting the plane of focus) which is basically one of the applications of scheimpflug principle.

so these images have nothing to do with the SHIFT function of the lens, which is mostly used to create a panoramic image by physically shifting a part of the lens vertically or horizontally (which allows different portions of the image circle to be cast onto the sensor plane).

a little geeky but true.


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